Welcome to Outdoor Sanctuary, Wild Church of Goshen

Traditional indoor worship is great... but it's not for everyone. Some of us find it easier to connect with God in the natural world. For anyone looking for a different way to worship, Wild Church may be for you! Experience the wonder and mystery of God in the outdoors with others. Worship and walk in nature, surrounded by all the creatures, plants and water that God created. All are welcome.

Yes, meeting outdoors can sometimes be uncomfortable. But being pushed beyond one's comfort zone is how we learn. We gather twice a month all year around. Dress appropriately. On the rare occasion there is a thunderstorm or blizzard at our scheduled meeting times, check here on our website or on Facebook for updates.

See when and where we Gather. (NOTE LOCATION CHANGE AT OX BOW PARK.)

Why We Do Wild Church

We gather because we want to grow into what God intended us to be. What better way to do that than to intentionally experience the world that God gave us to live and grow in. 

For many of us, Sunday morning services aren't enough. To experience God's love takes more than sitting in a row listening to someone on a stage tell us about what they have been told about God. We believe we learn from experience. The natural world is given to us as an expression of God's love and by experiencing that world we can get a glimpse of that divine love. A mindful exploration of that natural world often mirrors an exploration or our own internal world. We discover ourselves and have an opportunity to share what we have learned with others.

We want everyone in the Goshen and Elkhart area to have the opportunity to experience the revelation of nature in a safe and supportive inclusive community. 

See more about what Wild Church is and what our gatherings look like.